Henryk Kobylanski contact sheet

A creative digital problem solver

Fascinated by how technology can be implemented in creative ways to produce outcomes that are not only refined in their design but efficient in their execution, I have always been driven to find innovative and elegant solutions.

After a background in magazine marketing and publishing early in my career, I moved into the advertising industry and provided my services as a consultant to both agencies and directly with clients. My industry experience includes strategy, design, production management, direct marketing, and digital communications.

I developed specialised communication projects for many of Australia’s government departments and corporate organisations as well as start-ups and small businesses.

Actively involved in online solutions since 1994, I have assisted in the development of specialised email marketing systems (eDMs) as well as contributing to various content/customer management systems (CMS’s) from their early inception.

Currently, I am working at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) as a Senior Digital Specialist, where I am incorporating all of my experience to provide a comprehensive approach to problem-solving digital products, developing processes and governance for teams while implementing optimised and elegant solutions.

And as we all have other facets, I am also a licenced drone pilot.

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