Not every organisation has, nor should they have, the skills to assess that their current, or planned solution properly fulfils all the objectives the organisation has laid out.

Aichkaye can provide analysis of existing or planned IA/UX/UI development. We work in conjunction, or as part of your team, to assess a proposed/current solution and report on its efficacy. We then oversee its implementation making sure the solution fulfils all the objectives it was set to meet.

Online strategy analysis

Online strategy analysis requires in-depth knowledge of how to optimise communication elements.

Many organisations lack the expertise to analyse their current or planned online strategy, check that it meets all their marketing objectives, environmental and legal obligations and will fit with their intended audience, both on a technical and visual level.

Aichkaye can analyse existing or planned online strategies evaluating their potential effectiveness, identifying potential problems while looking at media usage, UX/UI design and UX/UI implementation.

Online/Offline strategy integration analysis

Often overlooked by many of today’s digital solutions providers, integration of online and offline campaigns can make all the difference.

Aichkaye can provide an analysis of the integration between online and offline strategies and solutions ensuring the best utilisation and integration of all mediums.

Supplier solution analysis

Observation and scrutinisation of a supplier’s solution to gauge its efficacy as a solution for the client and reporting to the client on what if any adjustments should be made prior to proceeding with the project.