In the big IA view, Information Architecture (IA) involves more than just the organisation of a website; it also factors in the whole client’s environment, the audience/user experience, and interactivity with all other media.

It is considered the practice of organising the audience, environment, required regulation, content and functionality of an online solution so that it presents the best user experience it can, with information and services being easily usable, fully compatible with all other mediums and findable within the environment as a whole.

A great way of thinking about it is that Information Architects do the same for digital environments as an architect would do in designing a physical environment. An architect not only thinks about a building’s style but also the technology, safety and sustainability aspects to ensure it not only meets the needs of its owners and occupants but also the requirements of neighbours, state and federal regulators and community needs.

An Information Architect makes sure that your digital solution not only works as a stand-alone communication, but that it works in conjunction with all other communication facets you may have in place or are planning in the future.