Digital Producer

Having worked in many environments, I can supervise the design and development of a variety of digital vehicles including CMS’s, LMS’s, eDM’s, online media, OOH, interactive media, video and audio, right from concept through to deployment and analysis. Always keeping an eye on the latest useful technologies and production methodologies that may enhance the production process, provide better efficiencies or provide for a more elegant solution to the client.

Web Design and developer
Web languages

I have always looked for robust and elegant solutions to the problems of online communications.

Wherever possible, I try to develop in open-source ecosystems. This, I believe, provides the best value solution, provides significant security advantages, and future-proofs the path forward.

I work with my clients because their choice is to work with me, not because they are locked in with me.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

With the routine adoption of CMS’s (Optimizely, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc), clients are given the means to manage their own content and I continue to develop solutions that are the best-suited environment based on their needs.

I can also help them maintain their content so it is relevant, fresh and up-to-date.

Add-on systems integration

Every business has unique needs and when solving these needs, some solutions do not always play nice with others.

I can help design, deploy and integrate add-on systems like Customer Relationship Managers (CRM’s) or Email Direct Marketing systems (EDM) and ensure that your online solution integrates smoothly with all your communications vehicles.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Any web solution done correctly should have SEO factored in as part of the original solution, not as an add-on. I can help you keep an eye on it when you have ever-changing content in your web presence.

Hosting solutions

A business should always be in full control of its digital assets and environments. I can help source the right provider, deploy solutions, and ensure it remains optimised, current and in the client’s control.

Digital asset design and development

Every organisation heavily relies on digital assets and documents. These assets must comply with the right standards and carry your brand message across all communications in one voice. Whether it be PowerPoint slides, word templates or email footers, I can help implement brand solutions across all of their digital assets.